Frequently Asked Questions

+ What’s special about this development?

Bellfield is committed to fostering a strong sense of community surrounded by lush landscaping and modern architecture. Designed in a way that aims to bring people together, the layout of this estate will utilise the public open spaces, native garden, creek and other provided for amenities.

Ultimately, this development will be recognised for its master planned community, recreational facilities, but at affordable pricing.

+ Where is this development?

Bellfield Estate is located on Opaheke Road, Papakura. An area currently experiencing a boom of activity with new employment, businesses and amenities appearing on the frequent and increasingly higher demands for housing and development. Papakura Town Centre is well prepared to handle this influx with supermarkets, retail shop, health clinics, top eateries, parks, the aquatic centre and athletic tracks, all within a 5 minute drive from Bellfield Estate. Additionally there is numerous public transport options available such as trains and buses.

+ How many homes are there?

There will be approximately 500 homes in total across the Bellfield Estate development, this will include 2 to 3 bedroom terrace houses and 3 to 4 bedroom town homes and bespoke residences with a mixture of on street and enclosed car parking.

+ What is available for purchase?

As part of Stage 1 there will be 99 homes for sale as house and land packages with a choice of Town Homes or Terrace House plans available. These will be made available by Gateway Homes. There are also a limited number of sections only available for purchase, if desired.

+ What community facilities will be available?

The plan includes for numerous community activities, both active and passive that will impress Bellfield residents. Running/walking tracks, a dog park, kids play areas, fitness stations, boardwalks, gardens and meadow areas will each feature. This range ensures there will be something that will appeal to every person or family.

+ Who is the developer?

GYP Properties are the land owners of Bellfield Estate and will be working alongside others to bring homes to the public. Listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2004, the key management and Board of GYP have decades of real estate development experience, particularly in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Their in-house project managers are leading the master planning of the Bellfield Estate community, and partnering with Gateway Homes, an innovative house builder, to bring Bellfield Estate's first lot of homes to the public.

Gateway Homes is owned by TLC Modular Construction who are active in Southeast Asian, Australian and New Zealand markets and specialise in premium pre-fabriacted construction.

+ When does building commence and when can I move in?

GYP Properties has the bulk of earthworks underway and the civils construction has commenced. Stage 1 has been purchsed by Gateway homes, with the remaining sections under option, and they aim to have the first group of stage 1 homeowners moved into their new properties by quarter 3 of 2020.

+ What does freehold mean?

Freehold title is the most common ownership type of property in NZ and means that you own your parcel of land and the building on it.

Unless you are a NZ, Australia or Singaporean citizen, you may require OIO consent to purchase any property at Bellfield Estate. Visit the OIO website or read further into this pack for more information and learn whether you are required to apply for consent. It is recommended you discuss this with a lawyer before you purchase any property.

+ How will I be kept informed of the progress?

On behalf of the developer, Bayleys will be sending regular information to purchasers to keep you updated on the construction and progress.

+ How much deposit is required to secure a purchase at Bellfield Estate?

To secure a purchase, New Zealand residences require just 10% of the total purchase price as a deposit. The remaining total of the purchase price will not be required until building completion and settlement. Deposit value for non-residents may differ, please speak to your local agent for guidance as certain criteria might apply.

+ Is your deposit safe?

Yes, your deposit is safe and will be held in a trust account by the vendor’s solicitor (Burton Partners Lawyers) for the duration until final and full payment at settlement has been completed.

+ Can the developers make variations to the house plans from when I purchase the settlement?

The developer must deliver you the same home that you agreed to buy as detailed in the plans and specifications. Sometimes during development items from the specifications are unavailable or required to be changed by regulatory authorities, then the developer may change these at their discretion however they must be of a similar standard and style.

+ Can I make changes to the design?

As part of the initial stage 1 offer you are able to choose between a given set of two internal specifications for such elements as wall paint schemes, flooring, carpeting, bench tops and bathroom tiles. You are also able to choose your external colour scheme for your home out of a variety of provided for options. Please note, these design specification selections are available at the time of entering into the Agreement to purchase your off the plan home. Otherwise, the design and layout cannot be changed by the purchaser. Additional upgrades may be possible, but is to the discretion of the vendor.